CABA CLASSIC 2018 Fleece Show and Showcase

Level III – (175+ entries)
Fleece Show Superintendent:  Steve Johnson 
JUDGE:  Cheryl Gehly

ALL FLEECES MUST BE RECEIVED BY MAY 9th AS JUDGING WILL TAKE PLACE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY OF THE SHOW THIS YEAR!! SEE BELOW FOR DROP SITES.  All Fleeces must be in the possession of the Fleece Superintendent by Sunday, May 6th 2018 unless fleece is being delivered to EXPO.  Fleeces arriving after this date may not be judged.  


Cheryl is revered as one of the world's best fleece judges.  Due to the unique timing of the fleece judging this year she will be available throughout the weekend for questions and conversation. 
Fleeces will be displayed throughout the weekend in the Fleece Showcase.  Take advantage of this unique marketing opportunity and get those fleeces signed up.  Each ribbon winning fleece will have a label listing both farm name/exhibitor and the alpaca's name.
So often fleece shows receive little attention.  This year our show will "showcase" fleeces all weekend and they will receive their rightful attention.

Entry Information & Rules:

  • This show is certified by AOA and all rules and guidelines will be in accordance with   AOA show rules. All Exhibitors are responsible for reviewing the current AOA Show Division Handbook.
  • Entry fee per fleece is $45. (includes the AOA fee of $6. per fleece)  ARI certificate(s) must be postmarked on or before April 29th, 2018.
  • There is a limit of 3 entries per breed type, per age division, per color designation, according to the current AOA Show Division Handbook.
  • Fleeces may not be shown beyond 380 days of shearing date, therefore fleeces that were shorn before April 27, 2017 may not be entered in this show.
  • All alpacas with fleeces entered in the fleece show must be registered with the Alpaca Registry by April 29, 2018 (the CABA CLASSIC-ALPACAPALOOZA deadline). Only current registered owners can enter an animal's fleece, or the fleece may be shown with a Permission to Show form. A copy of the ARI Registration Certificate must accompany all entries.
  • Remember that only the prime fleece is to be included.  Leaving in leg, neck and belly fiber that does not have the same character of the prime blanket will result in points being deducted for uniformity of length, micron, and absence of guard hair, as well as other characteristics that might be negatively impacted. ALL fleeces are to be displayed with the cut side up.  
  • OPTION 1:  With the cut side of the fleece down and tips up, fold the fleece in a "butcher" style so that the edges are gathered into the center and roll in from one end to the other, OR, after turning the fleece over so that the cut side is up, gently roll the edges under all around, resulting in a "mushroom" mound of fleece.  Use and unmarked, clear plastic bag of 1 mil thickness and approximately 30 gallon size to hold the fleece.(information regarding the source and size of mandatory, allowable plastic bags can be found at www.alpacainfo/show/handbook)  Open the bag and fully into a rounded next-shaped configuration with the bag seam at the bottom, pick up fleece mound and place it into the bag, pulling the sides of the bag up and around the fleece.
  • Option 2: Cut the bag open on both sides so that it forms a long rectangular sheet.  Slide the fleece onto this plastic sheet with the cut side up, fold the sides of the plastic sheet over towards the center of the fleece, then roll the fleece into a "noodles" presentation (like a cinnamon roll) from one end to the other.  Only one plastic sheet.
  • To determine the correct color, compare the cut end of the fleece lock to the ARI color chart.  If the color falls between two colors on the chart, the darker color is the correct color.  DO NOT rely on the color designation on the ARI Certificate.  All fleeces will be color checked at check-in.
  • Direct questions to the Fleece Show Superintendent STEVE JOHNSON, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Check-in and Check out:  Fleeces must be in the possession of show personnel by May 9th, 2018 by 12pm.  Fleeces can be delivered to various drop off locations.  See below for drop sites.
  • If you are not attending the show, fleeces may be mailed (see below). Each fleece will have a claim check that must be presented to receive back. Fleeces will be judged during the week prior to show, and remain on display in the Fleece Show area until 2:00 PM on Sunday, at which time the fleeces may be claimed, and sold by private treaty if desired by the fleece owner.

MAIL-IN fleeces will be accepted.  Send to:     

STEVE JOHNSON / PACA PARADISE 11785 SW River Rd. Hillsboro, OR 97123. 503-703-6144. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DEANNA SKIRVING / JAKAILA ALPACAS  8318 SE Pleasant Home Rd. Gresham OR  97080

Mail-in fleece entries MUST be either accompanied by a prepaid, self-addressed return label from UPS or FedEx or you can select the "return fleece charge" during the registration process. We will be UNABLE to return ribbons and fleece without the label or unless you pay the return fee charge.  We will take care of your fleeces within reason, but we are not responsible for loss or damage.

  • The judge shall disqualify any fleece that exhibits parasitic infestation, does not meet the 3” minimum, or exceeds maximum length of 8” for Huacaya (for 1st birthday and older), or 9” for Suri (for 2nd birthday and older).
  • The reason for disqualification shall be recorded on the scorecard and the judge’s worksheet.
  • Special ribbons will be awarded for: Best Prepared (Huacaya & Suri), Best Crimp/Lock, Best Brightness/Luster, Best Hand (Huacaya & Suri), and Judge’s Choice (Huacaya & Suri).


Paca Paradise Alpacas 11785 SW River Rd. Hillsboro OR  97123

North Plain Alpacas 18735 NW Dixie Mtn Rd. North Plains OR  97133

Jakaila Alpacas 8318 SE Pleasant Home Rd. Gresham OR  97080

Liberty Alpacas 20014 SE 240th Maple Valley WA  98038

Stellar Alpacas 27810 16th Ave E. Spanaway WA 98387