CABA Classic & Alpacapalooza 2018 Halter Show


Level III – (up to 499 entries) 4 rings / 4 judges / 3 days

CABA Classic Halter Show Fri & Sat - Alpacapalooza Halter Show Sat & Sun

Judging will be 60% Fleece / 40% Conformation

CABA Classic Halter Show Superintendent:  Freda McGill     Alpacapalooza Halter Show Superintendent:  Judy Schroeder
JUDGES: CABA Classic Peter Kennedy & Diana Timmerman, Alpacapalooza Jill MacLeod & Jude Anderson

Entry Information & Rules: 

  • This show is certified by AOA, and all rules and guidelines will be in accordance with AOA Show rules. All Exhibitors are responsible for reviewing the current AOA Show Division Handbook, and adhering to the rules therein.
  • Entry fee is $110 per Halter Class entry (covers both shows), and $110 per Production Class entry. Both fees include the required $6 AOA fee. 
  • Exhibitors are limited to 3 entries per breed type, per gender, per age division, per color designation, according to the current AOA Show Division Handbook.
  • The halter show is restricted to registered CABA Classic & ALpacapalooza exhibitors only. Alpacas entered in the halter show must be kept in the Exhibit Hall all weekend.
  • A copy of the ARI Registration Certificate must accompany all entries. According to AOA show rules there cannot be any exceptions to this rule. Alpacas with “pending” ARI registration will not be allowed to show. Incomplete entries will not be processed. Deadline for entries is April 29, 2018. ARI Certificates for companion animals must be provided and the animal should be listed on the entry form as a companion.
  • All alpacas entered in or present at the show must be tested for BVDV using the PCR test.
  • One test in the lifetime of the alpaca is sufficient to ensure that it is not a Persistently Infected (PI) alpaca. The BVDV “negative” or BVDV “not detected” test result must be written on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) along with the date of the test, the lab that performed the test and the testing method (PCR).
    Exhibitors are required by AOA to provide a copy of the Veterinary Certificate of Inspection (CVI), which includes the alpaca’s ARI name and microchip ID numbers and BVDV negative test results by PCR or VI (VI PRIOR TO 1/1/2010 ACCEPTED, ONLY PCR TESTS ACCEPTED AFTER 1/1/2010) for each alpaca present at the show to be retained by the show superintendent as part of the show records. Original copy of CVI must be presented at Vet check on Friday May 12th.
  • All alpacas must be entered in the name of the owner as listed on the ARI Registration Certificate. Animals that are in the process of being purchased, or certificates that have not been transferred, must have an AOA Owner of Record form signed (Owner of Record form), signed by the owner that is listed on the ARI Registration Certificate.
  • No animal substitutions will be allowed from the original Halter Show Entry form after registration closes.  If an animal becomes ill and permission is obtained from either the Event Manager or Halter Superintendent to substitute, there will be a $25 substitution fee will be required to be paid prior to arriving at the show for each such change.
  • All exhibitors and handlers per AOA rules must attend the mandatory exhibitors meeting on May 11th at 8:00 AM at the Show Rings, for announcements and to receive the show schedule.
  • The CABA halter show will be held in 2 rings on Friday and Saturday May 11th & Sunday May 12th.  The Alpacapalooza halter Show will be held in 2 rings on Saturday May 12th and Sunday May 13th.
  • Judging will begin at 8:30 AM on  Friday and 8:00 on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Participants must have their entries ringside ten minutes prior to their class entering the ring. Gate stewards/show staff are not responsible for missed classes. Judges will have the option to allow or disallow late entries after the class has begun entering the ring. 

 Group production classes will be held @ the end of The Classic on Saturday early afternoon.  Palooza show will begin with Group Production early afternoon on Saturday.